Quality of Life and Services

Our community is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. The top two citizen satisfaction score perception factors listed as “Satisfied or Very Satisfied” were the “overall quality of life” (94%) and “provided services” (90%). The Council’s decisions and planning must ensure a continuation and/or improvement of these types of results.

Fiscal Responsibility

Olathe does not have an unlimited supply of resources. We must continually seek to strike an appropriate balance between the size of our budget and the burden placed on our taxpayers. This requires the continued broadening of our tax base while balancing the level of additional revenue from property valuation increases with necessary support for our growing population and infrastructure needs.

Affordable & Attainable Housing

I can recall a time in Olathe when there was an abundance of entry-level, single-family housing readily available for families. Over time, the demand for housing has risen and driven up the cost of the average home. The City Council should focus on ways to increase the availability of affordable housing in Olathe.